Once again…welcome to my website. Come freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring (modified after Stoker 1897).

In this website you will find some information about me and my research activity, pictures, videos and more. Please, read and leave a comment. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.






[…] The cloud was rising from a mountai. At such a distance we couldn’t tell which, but afterwards learned that it was Vesuvius. I can best describe its shape by likening it to a pine tree. It rose into the sky on a very long “trunk” from which spread some “branches.” I imagine it had been raised by a sudden blast, which then weakened, leaving the cloud unsupported so that its own weight caused it to spread sideways. Some of the cloud was white, in other parts there were dark patches of dirt and ash. The sight of it made the scientist in my uncle determined to see it from closer at hand […] (Pliny the younger, 79 AD).

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