I largely work on the quantitative characterization of volcanic deposits and products in order to understand the dynamics of explosive volcanic eruptions. My main scientific interests are focused on the study of pyroclasts as a source of insight into volcanic processes, from the moment immediately before the eruption, to final settling. These insights can be achieved via detailed characterization of the products and their distribution around the volcano. This type of work is important in volcanology because of its relevance with regards to ash dispersal, which can have significant impact on human society, including significant health effects and disruption of the global aviation system.

A random day in the office!
A random day in the office!

Here you can find a resume of my main past and current scientific work:

Morphology of volcanic particles

The May 2008 Chaiten eruption (Chile)

The 1085 AD Sunset Crater eruption (USA, AZ)

Volcanic landscape morphology

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